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Marie also wore a diamond floral tiara — the same one she wore on her wedding day.The evening’s host, Queen Margrethe, wore a green lace gown and large fur shawl.The Royal Arms since the accession of Queen Victoria in 1837, featuring the arms of England in both the first and fourth quarters, Scotland in the second and Ireland in the third.In Scotland a separate version is used (shown right), whereby the Arms of Scotland take precedence.For those before 1707, see List of English monarchs.

TRADE NAMES Although many factories traded under the name of its founder , for example Josiah WEDGWOOD, Thomas MINTON, and John AYNSLEY, some factories used 'Trade names' either in conjunction with the owners name or initials and others traded solely under these names.Mainly cups saucers and tea plates together with coffee cans, tea bowls and saucers, and when available, associated pieces such as teapots, teapot stands, milk jugs, creamers, cake/serving plates, muffin dishes, sucriers, sugar bowls, slops bowls and comports .From early pieces right through to brightly decorated Art Deco sets and more.The event is held every year on January 1st at Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen and is hosted by the Queen herself.Denmark’s future Queen consort, Crown Princess Mary, wore an off-the-shoulder red gown with her go-to Ruby Parure Tiara, which is gorgeously covered in diamonds and rubies.

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We stock all periods and styles from many different potteries including some lovely sets by as yet unidentified makers .

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