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(see GOG, …) GREEN Game(s), Gaming and more Prune color and white letters are related to Game concepts (serious game and more) Lemon green color is related to HR and recruitment HR & R Internet Lingo also called "PC talk" (see CL, Geekspeak , neomillennial e-learning ) IL / In Lin Innovation Light Orange color is related to (the evidenced cycle of) fuzzy ideas, creativity, innovation.Intelligence Light green color is related to intelligence, business intelligence (BI)(see also CI for CA, FI, OI, SI) Deep green color is related to Knowledge Management (KM)(search for the "deep green" items) KM Blue letters are related to Light (see LED, nit and more …) Light Light blue color is related to mobile communication (Mo Mo) Mobility Black and white for ROBOT, see RR ROBOT Red color is related to security, identification and risks mgmt (see RM) Security Semantic Prune color Pink color is related to virtual / virtuality (see VR to start the discovery, serious games ) Virtual Wind (power) Light turquoise and black letters are related to WPP Bold acronyms & texts are euro (see EU, EUR) € "translated" in the list US Dollar $ Table of content: page 2 UK Sterling Pound £ & ampersand at (commercial) also used in the e-Mail or email addresses @ hash symbol.polymer or metal) together, layer by layer, to produce 3D objects (see 4D printing, FDM, PBP, SLG, SLS, …) 3D bio-printing 3D printing technology to produce tissue structures using human cells 4 Dimensions (3D Time : JIT, Real-Time, Change / CM, Ba , STU, TTx…see also 5D) 4D 3D sensorial effects: audio environment, odors, perfumes, smokes, vibrations …it takes time to perceive the environment 4D movie 1D better system to produce programmed self-reconfiguring material that arranges itself into pre-designed object 4D printing 5 Dimensions (see FBC solutions for more concern about activities & business cases, STF, STU) 5D 5th battle ground the Internet (after the earth, sea, air and space)(see security related acronyms and terms) 3D Learning Environment.Pour faciliter vos recherches, utilisez la fonction "rechercher" de votre PDF.

(see e - learning , LLA, LLL, OER, …) soft grey dark blue letters for signs expressing an emotion Emoticon or Smiley Environment light green and blue letters for the environment and related problematics Europe dark blue and yellow for Europe and related organizational aspects light yellow deep blue letters are related to digital activities e-"X" expertise wise thoughts, views, entrepreneurship concerns (see first triad, 3R Edict, ACID, others …) deep yellow color is related to FBCs Indigo color is related to Finance and Accounting (FI) Finance Green letters for ecological green solutions, …An appropriate contextualization and/or a "jargonique" input could help in that case.to form into an acronym (Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary) Adaptive Control of Thought--Rational: cognitive architecture (John Robert Anderson) Accelerated Cost Recovery System (see ACWP) Microsoft agent character file American Customer Satisfaction Index Automated Cartridge System Library Software: Unix-based system of Storage Technology ACT Voice Audio File American College Test DB address res_acro_d001_Page 8 FBCs ) : technology-based communication optimization ACT action-reaction Newton 2nd law (dynamic translation) also considered in a Change Mgmt process (see CM) (Fr) Trade Agreement: Eur. Japan, Switzerland, Canada (see PIPA, SOPA) ACTA Actionable something an action can be taken on Automated Computer Time Service (see CUT, IST, NIST, TAI, UTC) ACTS ACU Automatic Call Unit ACV Assembly Cache Viewer ACV At Completion Variance Actual Cost of Work Performed (IE)(see ACRS, BAC, BCWP, BCWS, EAC, EV, VAC) ACWP Analysis and Design (see R&D) A&D A-D Advance-Decline (line) (personal finance) Active Directory (see GPTF) AD A/D Analog to Digital Automated Design (see AI, CAD, …) AD Advanced Data Analysis (see AADA) ADA ADA (Ada) programming language (US, 1979).American Advertizing Federation Autonomous Agent For Intrusion Detection unknown or unassigned file extension: Average Annual Growth Rate (see AGR, LDCs) Authenticated Anticipatory Keying Ambient Assisted Living (see Am I) ATM Adaptation Layer American Assn of Law Librarians Arts Alliance Media (see VPF) American Assn of American Colleges Aircraft Actuation & Management Systems (see MRO) Application Access Point Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (USA) After-Action Review Automated Augmented Reality (see AR) Automatic Alternative Routing Apple Talk Address Resolution Protocol as a Service (see ASP, Cloud Computing , Daa S, Grid Computing , Haa S, Iaa S, Laa S, Paa S, Saa S) Advanced Automation System Auto Area Segmentation Advanced Attack Scenarios (see APTs) Arkansas Administrative Statewide Information System: an interesting financial security doc Reports/Info Sys/2003/AASISAppl Cntrls Oct2003ASCII Asynchronous Support Package (see ASCII) Average Access Time. Renson 23/10/2014 ACCP ACCPS Acculturation ACD ACD ACD ACDS ACE ACE ACE ACEE ACELP ACF ACF ACF / NCP ACH ACI ACI ACIA ACID Acid2 ACINT ACK ACKNLG ACL ACLS ACLU Acluistic *ACM ACM ACM ACML ACOP ACP ACP ACP ACPC ACPI ACR ACRM ACRM ACROBAT Acromania Acronomia Acronym Acronymize ACR-R ACRS *ACSI ACSLS *ACT Must be a balance sheet account or a P L statement to enable the carry forward of the retained earnings.Fr.: Temps d'accès moyen (see metrics , TBC & the TTx collection: TTC, TTM, ,,,) Authorized Academic Training Program (Microsoft) Assigned Amount Units Activity-Based Accounting (see ABC, ABCM, TCA) APEC Business Consultative Council ancient calculating device used for centuries by the Chinese and some other cultures (see metrics ) Anti-Bribery Anti-Fraud Advanced Business Application Programming (SAP lang./4th generation) Activity Based Budgeting (accting mgmt)(see ABA, ABC, TCA, TD ABB...) DB address res_acro_d001_Page 6 FBCs / Dan C. Access Control Coordinate Point Automated Community Centralized Provisioning System: management of user access rights and privileges getting accustomed to new environments Automatic Call Distribution (phone system) (see PABX) Autoregressive Conditional Duration (ARCH model) Automatic Conflict Detection Average Calendar Days of Supply / Stock (see DD, LPT, PCO …) Advanced Compatibility Engineering (Honda) Advanced Computing Environment Agent-based Computational Economics (see ACM) ( Access Control Environment Element Algebraic Code Excited Linear Prediction (see CELP, RELP, …) Administrative Complexity Factor (see CCF, TCF) Advanced Communications Function Advanced Communications Function / Network Control Program Automated Clearing House Accelerated Calibration Implementation (SAP) Airport Council International (see GASAG) Asynchronous Communication Interface Adapter Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability: transaction properties.

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  1. The UK’s major ISPs are this week set to start sending “educational letters” to customers who have been using their connection to access films, TV shows and music illegally, as part of a government campaign to crack down on piracy.

  2. Cherlin's definition of public families (from the 3rd edition of his textbook) is: "One adult, or two adults who are related by marriage, partnership, or shared parenthood, who is/are taking care of dependents, and the dependents themselves." Dependents include "children, the chronically ill, and the frail elderly."Cherlin includes an important note about public families: "The family members usually reside in the same household, but that is not essential." The implication is that even singles who live on their own can have public families.