Windows gadget bar not updating

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Windows gadget bar not updating

The second optional parameter 'p Data Table Area Format' allows to customize the data table appearance and content.New class CBCGPPage Transition Manager allows to implement page transition effect in your own classes: simply derive your class from CBCGPPage Transition Manager, specify the required effect using Set Page Transition Effect method and call Start Page Transition method.In general, you've to instantiate CBCGPChart Legend Visual Object object (if you're using the legend inside CBCGPVisual Container) or create CBCGPChart Legend Ctrl window and add related chart(s) using CBCGPChart Legend Visual Object:: Add Related Chart method.In addition, a developer can set a theme accent color.By default, all highlighted/focused elements have a blue color, but you can change it according to your preferences (see screenshot).Please run BCGPVisual Studio GUIDemo example to examine this new fresh look!

You can use this control instead of multi-line static text.

Run the BCGPDBGrid Demo example to see this feature in action.

Planner (Calendar) control (see screenshot): The calendar control has everything you need to include in your application a sophisticated scheduling and appointment tool.

Please send us your comments, wishes and suggestions regarding the new Ribbon Designer - your feedback will be highly appreciated!

For your convenience, we've added the new "Samples" page where you can find information about each sample application, see screenshots and download individual samples.

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Please visit this page and take a look at more than 60 sample programs: take a look at BCGPMSOffice2007Demo example to see this feature in action.