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Who is yaya dacosta dating

So you’re going to see certain sides of him you don’t usually see,” Tee explains.“What fans are used to with Ethan is very much black and white — you know who this man is, you know where his moral standards are. Being involved with April, his armor kind of breaks a little bit. I think that’s what’s great about the relationship.The filing is sealed, so it’s unclear why the couple split.They were married for two years and have a son named Sankara.Yaya Da Costa, an American actress and model, is known for portraying the role of legend pop star Whitney in the Lifetime TV film Whitney.She has also appeared in several movies and TV series including The Messenger, The Butler and Body of Proof.Neither party spoke about the breakup publicly — until now.The pair had an outdoor ceremony in Pennsylvania in June 2012, and have a son, Sankara.

When you put your personal and professional lives together, it gets really complicated,” Tee tells exclusively.They complement each other in the opposites attract kind of notion,” he adds.“It’s a blooming relationship fans want to see spark and come alive down the line, and I think that’s what the writers are focusing on.” April went through a lot of emotional turmoil last season, something that definitely impacts her relationship with Ethan — but it actually has a positive effect on him. With Ethan, you don’t quite know where he is in that atmosphere.'We’re not interested in dragging her life again through, you know, the muck.Yaya came in second place on the third season of ANTM, losing out to Eva Marcille - who like her went on to find success in the acting industry, with notable roles in The Young And The Restless and House Of Payne.

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