Who is john cena dating in real life 2016

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Who is john cena dating in real life 2016

As a duo they have become known as WWE's power couple given Nikki's Divas Championship record and Cena's World title record.

The following episode Cena made it clear that it wasn't because of her that he was forcing her to sign it, but it was because of the way his previous wife had left him. Nikki Bella is 32-years-old so it shouldn't come as a shock that she has already been married.

Nikki has always said that she wanted a big family, something that she told Cena and her own family regularly on Total Divas.

It doesn't help that her sister Brie has left WWE now in the hope that she and her husband Daniel Bryan can start a family of their own in the near future, while Nikki still waits on a proposal.

Cena doesn't speak publicly about the reasons for the breakdown of his marriage but this is the reason he has been so hard on Nikki throughout their current relationship.

Many current WWE Superstars are parents, and many manage to continue to do their jobs while also being loving parents outside of the ring, but it seems that lifestyle isn't for Cena.

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Nikki herself is a former Divas Champion but she had been fired from WWE along with her sister Brie just before she began dating Cena and her sister began dating Daniel Bryan.