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As we show in [6v1], ch.4, Biblical 'iron chariots' are the firearms, the cannons.

Many old books, which were denounced as false, were destroyed. many biblical books were re-written, having changed the dating and the geography. The repercussions of these controversies are still felt by us now.2) The Biblical epoch of Joshua Ben Nun, who succeeded Moses, is the time of the Ottoman conquest, beginning with seizure of Czar-Grad in 1453 by Mohamed II, and culminating in the peak of the golden age under Suleiman the Magnificent (1520-1566).Suleiman was known as AL-QANUNI [336], .5, .148-149.This very epoch is the same 'ancient classical' epoch of the wars of the Macedonian King Phillip II the Conqueror.It is at the same time the epoch of Kham Olugh-Mehmet in Russian History, circa 1420-1450.

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'Serpents' and 'stinging asps' (including the 'brazen serpent' made by Moses) which are often mentioned in the Bible, are also the firearms, muskets and cannons [6v1], ch.4.