Updating ps3 using usb

Posted by / 11-Dec-2017 15:26

Updating ps3 using usb

First off, download the firmware update to your Desktop or any place else that is easily accessible and make sure the full image downloads.

Open the new PS3 folder and inside create a new folder called UPDATE (all capitals again). Turn on your Play Station 3 console and insert the storage media.Since the new blank drive will not contain system software, using this technique should allow for a manual system software update.Although Internet access is required for a majority of the PS4’s features, many users will need to setup and configure their device without broadband access.Additionally, it can be updated manually by downloading the update file onto a computer and USB drive for those users whose PS4 is not yet on the internet.Updating via the XMB is always recommended and the easiest way for updating your system.

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For this guide there are a few requirements, all of which you should own or you would not be looking here. A storage media device, either a USB flash drive or a Memory Stick, SD Memory Card, or Compact Flash card.