Toddintheshadows nostalgia chick dating

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Toddintheshadows nostalgia chick dating

Yet she still hangs out with Doug and the rest of their friends. If human spongecake won't be vindictive, I'll be vindictive on their behalf.

Spoony is a fraud, a liar, a thief, and a cunt to boot.

Some nerd I know had a heart attack at work because he spends all of his free time sitting around playing vidya eating shit food. Dude got killed like 50 times in a row trying to use a flare to distract the Alien, and finally the fans obviously lost patience and told him to try something else. Meanwhile I watch some dude named PJ play the worst designed game I ever played in my childhood (Lagoon) on a speedrun, and the entire time he's making fun of the game, explaining how shit works, and is all around entertaining. I don't understand how anyone can continue to finance him, or how Patreon continues to keep his account open as he hasn't delivered on any of his promises, nor has he made any new content in over 6 months.

When the mentally sick guy asks for Patreon money with a ton of promises including a full-blown Spoony movie then stops producing any content at all while continuing to cash the cheques people have a right to be pissed.

My diagnosis is that my friend is crazy because he is Jewish. Eventually, they stopped and started making conversations in English and apparently the rest of the group got into like a 2 hour long conversation, while Spoony kept bitching about it on Twitter. Fucking gave up on him that day, he acted like I was the asshole. I don't have the patience to sit through his actual livestreams.

I've got a feeling this is going to happen more and more with this and the next generation. I really came to hate the dude just by watching the This is How you Don't Play Alien Isolation gameplay. I'm at work, and it was a struggle just to get through the condensed Alien Isolation gameplay.

And usually that reason is them being batshit insane/damaged goods. They start off with simple equipment, get some success, then upgrade equipment too fast so they barely understand how to use the gear or the work gets too complex.

I have a small 500 sub You Tube channel and my early videos were just me in front of a webcam, they got a ton of views.

Nah the guy is lazy and a loser thats his ailments.The impromptu movie reviews he would do literally immediately after returning from the theater really show the unique charisma and critique that he used to have.https://v=zhqdu5IBBNE Because it turns out there's a reason why some people choose to splinter off from normal society and embrace alternative culture on the internet.I hope he sorts his shit out, but he can do it without asking even more of his fans.I have a friend who looks and acts like Spoony only difference is he has a job but every other mannerism is there. His friends dragged him out to hang when his old gf first dumped him, and he spent the entire time he was at the restaurant bitching about a group of germans who were speaking german. The GAME." Not as bad as asking him in the chat if he needed help in Anor Londo because he was stuck on the archer for fucking ages and getting yelled at him.

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People complained when he uploaded nothing but videos of him sitting infront of a camera for hours, but he still had thousands of bucks on his patreon. It's such a shame: he's a genuinely interesting guy to listen to.

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