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Swiss dating com

Switzerland is a landlocked European country with a population of nearly 8 million.

The land area of Switzerland is 41,285 square kilometers.

Gallen, and Stein-am-Rhein Northeastern Switzerland is a fine choice for a holiday vacation, regardless of season.

It surrounds a tiny Italian enclave called Campione d' Italia, and is a seat of banking and financial activity with close ties with Italy.If you venture to the Limmat Quai by the river, you'll find several hot dance spots, including Forecast, which has Euro-style music, Zuri Smack, a very hip bar, and the 01 Bar, with great music and a lively crowd.The Niederdorf Area is where you'll find students, tourists, and bankers cutting loose on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Dating from 1160, this former cathedral was changed into a Protestant church in 1536. When the Calvinists took over, they destroyed pretty much everything but the bare architecture and even whitewashed the murals.Here you'll see several architectural styles, including Romanesque, Gothic, and Neoclassical. However, several stained glass windows survived, as well as some 15th century choir stalls that weren't in St.Pierre when the conversion to Protestantism was made, but were relocated from a destroyed chapel.

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Following is a list of some, but by no means all of the great things to do or see here. The "Old City" section of Bern is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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