Statute mandating

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Statute mandating

TEN YEARS OF DIGNITY IN OREGON I-1000 mirrors an Oregon law that has been in place for over 10 years. SAFEGUARDS WORK There are multiple safeguards in Washington’s death with dignity law.

These safeguards include independently witnessed oral and written requests, two waiting periods, mental competency and prognosis confirmed by two physicians, and self-administration of the medication.

The eight largest donors were: Opposition "Coalition Against Assisted Suicide," the organization opposing the Initiative 1000, was supported by disability rights advocates and organizations, anti-abortion organizations, religious organizations, the Roman Catholic Church and the Washington Medical Association.

Both Governor and Republican challenger Dino Rossi opposed Initiative 1000.

The only group with a heightened risk was people with AIDS.

Claim #2: Initiative 1000 tells doctors it’s OK to give a lethal drug overdose to a seriously ill person, even if they are suffering from depression. The first part of this statement is partially correct, but does not elaborate on the requirements that must be met before a patient can be prescribed a lethal dose of medication.

From Ballotpedia Jump to: , The Washington Assisted Death Initiative, also known as Initiative 1000, was on the in as an , where it was approved.

The patient will not receive the requested prescription until the counselor deems the patient is not suffering from depression.

Proponents say I-1000 provides a choice when dying, but for those who are not wealthy, it could be a choice made by insurers and state bureaucrats; they will have the choice to steer patients toward assisted suicide rather than provide actual end-of-life care. Recent medical advances assure pain can be controlled and no one need suffer at the end of life. Dangerous assisted suicide laws have been rejected in 24 states, including here in Washington in 1991. Initiative 1000 would open up a loophole that health care insurers could exploit to cut payments for the disabled and the working poor encouraging them to use assisted suicide.

This is exactly the wrong direction for real health care in America." Contributions The Coalition Against Assisted Suicide spent ,678,796 on the campaign.

The Department would adopt rules on the process for collecting this information. Ongoing data collection and reporting costs are estimated at ,000 per biennium. ” Support "Yes on 1000," the organization supporting Initiative 1000, was supported by Governor Booth Gardner, the National Death with Dignity Center, Compassion & Choices of Washington, and Compassion & Choices of Oregon.

Consultants to the supporting campaign included and Blair Butterworth.

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