Sidebar news gadget not updating

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Sidebar news gadget not updating

You just have to be careful where you are obtaining these gadgets from, and make sure you trust the author of that gadget. I only use the temperature gadget because it works better than the battery powered remote thermometers, which seem to die when the temp gets below 0, as it did much of February here.I have an old Radio Shack wired thermometer, but it went wacky on me last year, so I don't trust it's readings.Since they both cover the same turf, I wanted to cross post here for posterity.Not sure how much longer the gadget backend database will be there, but below is what I went through to get things working the second time around on a Win7 x64 machine.It dawned on me that maybe MS has coded a cutoff date for the file in Windows and that after that date, the file is considered 'dead'.To test that hypothesis, I used a date/time stamper utility to change the date to April of 2016. I am happy to report the widget has continued to display current temperature for the entire week, not just two days.What I did was install The Weather Network App for PC. on my task bar and when I click it, it opens a box with more detailed weather reports, etc.

Many that are still under active development by 3rd party authors. When I researched the reason why mine stopped updating, I found out about major security problems.

This fix seems to work as long as the file and folder exists.

Not every Win 7 installation has this file/folder, as I discussed it with a friend who tried to fix it on his machine and he didn't even have the Windows Live folder.

Anyway, I just wanted to throw this out there, to see if any of you think MS has changed the gadget coding to correct that?

BTW, my weather gadget is still working, and whatever they have changed, it's wonderful not to have that constant blinking.

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The weather gadget that came on my Win7 laptop is still working.

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