Redmine repository not updating

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Redmine repository not updating

Configuring a Git repository with Redmine it's really straightforward but if you come from the Subversion world, there are a couple of things you need to know to better understand how Redmine interacts with remote repositories.First step is to configure the repository settings in Redmine.Hi Koppen, I've followed your instructions carefully. I created my server repository using "git clone --mirror" command. The POST is working and being processed by the Github Controller. Use '--' to separate paths from revisions Shelling out: 'git' --version --no-color Shelling out: 'git' '--git-dir' '/var/redmine/git_repositories/redmine_ldap_adv_auth.git' 'branch' '--no-color' ^

Due to this, having a team member commit a bug fix can fire off an email to the person who originally created the bug ticket, or at least it should.Then, it compares the value with the last changeset in the database and, if new commits are available, it fetches and parses them on-the-fly.Again, Git is not a centralized repository and Redmine doesn't support remote Git repositories.In my last post I showed how to build a simple hooking system for gitolite Now I just want to share a very small script used to update Redmine changesets when you push to a git repository.Redmine has an excellent repository viewer built in.

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This means, you need to setup a separate process to update your local Git repository and notify Redmine of new commits.