Racial dating dating outside of religion

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Racial dating

One morning, after a TV show aired about slavery, some white classmates came in imitating the slavemasters, flinging the N-word like a blade.

He recalls his father—“so mean and so respected”—sleeping with a loaded rifle after offending a white man inside a store.

In Calhoun County, Mississippi, where social segregation persists, Welcome Table members have grown more comfortable sharing their histories.

From left: Judy Edwards, Robert Stewart, Nida Pittman, Dudley Davis, Bozzie Edwards, Donna Cole.

Maybe they get shared within the confines of a household, or within a tight-knit single-race community.

In a place like Calhoun County, where social—if not legal—segregation persists, they certainly don’t get told to strangers of other races. • • • In 2013, a group of black, white, and Latino Calhoun County residents—originally convened by a local nun—invited the University of Mississippi’s William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation to help facilitate an ongoing dialogue about race.

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When Davis was in his 30s, he warmly greeted an African-American friend with a handshake.