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Qaran dating

Beside the well known and among Muslims preferred meanings already explained here "The recitation" or "the continuous recitation" there are others one should know: Of course if we assume that قرآن comes from the verb "قرأ" then it would be a superlative and would mean: intensely read/recited (as reading is also understood in the case of Quran as reciting) -as you may find in the nice comment of @Shoaib (user549)-!The word قرآن Quran is derived from "قرأ"،"يقرأ"،"قراءة"،و"قرآنا" with the origin "القَرء" which means the merged or joint (or even collected).Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, had very deep spiritual experiences.People close to Muhammad made reports about some of these experiences."Oh Muhammad," I said as I turned to see his face suddenly change. As I continued to shiver from the cold room, goosebumps crawled up my spine as I lifted my hands to my face.His eyes sharpened and stared into a distant world. Beads of sweat formed and rolled from Muhammad's brow as his stare pierced my soul.

What they mastered would be taught to next generation after the leader is no longer teaching. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count).

To find out if Qur'anic prophecy is true, it is necessary to place a time stamp on when the prophecy was written down. A large amount of debate surrounds the question of when the Qur'an was actually recorded into a document.

However, all people will agree that most of the Qur'an was not written down until after Muhammad died.

Because of the relation between Hebrew and Arabic (Same Aramaic origin, which is even earlier than the Syriac!

) one may also consider The ancient name of Torah = Mikra,מקרא, مقرا, as the Masdar/Origin مقرا is directly formed by adding the prefix م to قرأ.

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Imam a-Shafi'i said One should know that Imam a-Shafi'i grow up in Mekka and the Qira'a of Mekka (the Qira'a of ibn Kathir, whom a-Shafi might have been a direct (narrator) student of) always pronounces the word قرآن without hamza "ء" in the middle "قران".

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