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Also the Bible teaches: "a man is justified by works not by faith alone" (Jas ).

Critics also challenge the historicity of the Great Apostasy, a premise of the Reformation, given the "total silence" in the historical accounts, and its biblical foundation given Jesus' promises of continual divine presence in his Church which the Bible refers to as his body, inseparable from him, and the historically verified existence of unbroken apostolic succession in the Catholic and Orthodox Churches based on the biblical principle of "his office (episkopen) let another take" (Ps 109:8; Acts ).

Jesus did not write anything nor command his disciples to write, but "to do this" in reference to the Eucharist.

The above also implies that the early Christians did not have a Bible for their salvation, and that it was through the aid of oral tradition that the present Bible was written.

Criticism of Protestantism covers critiques and questions raised about Protestantism, the movement based on Martin Luther's Reformation principles of 1517.

While critics praise Protestantism's Christ-centered and Bible-centered faith, Protestantism is faced with criticism from different sources and based on different grounds.

Peter Kreeft explains that "a cause [in this case, the Church] can never be less than its effect [the Bible]....

" in John -58, 66-67; (7) Eucharist: "Whoever eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty of profaning the body and blood of the Lord" in 1 Corinthians to show that Jesus was not speaking symbolically; (8) Anointing of the sick with forgiveness of sins in James -15; (9) Suffering: "I complete what is lacking in Christ's affliction in Colossians ; (10) Justification not by faith alone: "a man is justified by works and not by faith alone" in James .

(Jn 14:6) Historical criticism also assert that starting in 1930, most Protestant groups became unfaithful to the unanimously strong Christian condemnation of contraception up to that time, a doctrinal "revolution" which led to, according to Baptist intellectual leader, Albert Mohler, the decadent sexual revolution with its pleasure-seeking non-procreative sex.

Historian Brad Stephan Gregory in a multi-awarded book published by Harvard University Press traced today's hyperplural, relativistic, morally subjectivistic, permissive, individualistic, consumerist, state-controlled, morality and religion free, secularized society to the Reformation's giving sole authority to the Bible that can be individually interpreted, its state-controlled churches, faith-alone salvation without need for human cooperation, and Protestantism's divergent moral teachings.

It has positive principles, as well as negative ones.

Its positive principles, properly understood, belong to the Catholic Tradition." Orthodox Christians also criticize Protestantism in its lack of a visible church, In addition, due to the fact that Protestantism is not a monolithic faith tradition, some Protestant denominations criticize the beliefs of other Protestant denominations.

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Since there was a debate in the early Church on the authorship and canonical status of a number of New Testament books (e.g., Hebrews, Revelation, James, 2 Peter, 2 and 3 John, and Jude) and the Church decided which belonged to the canon, this meant that the Protestant foundational doctrine on the very nature of Scripture was dependent on the Church.