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Physical boundaries for christian dating couples

Only God fully understands the consequences of violating His perfect plan for sex. As a rule of thumb, if the affection you are showing your boyfriend or girlfriend is making your body respond sexually (lingering hugs, intense kissing, and inappropriate touching), you need to halt and move away (as in, physically get out of the same room).

Remember that before you are married, your future spouse is your in Christ and should be treated as such. I would assume so, but I doubt you hug them the way married couples hug each other. Perhaps, but those kisses are (hopefully) only to show affection and not to arouse sexuality.

For other couples, those kinds of statements are off limits.If you are experiencing a sexual response to your closeness with each other, you need to set your physical limits more broadly.If you find that you and your sweetie are struggling in this area (and if you are, you are in good company – many are), find a faithful friend, pastor, or mentor to hold you accountable.However, if you are on the thought of your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s bodies in a sensual or sexual way, then (according to the Bible) you are no less guilty than those who are actually engaging in premarital sex.This may sound harsh, and believe me, I used to think it was too; but, after being on the single side of life, and the married side as well, I see how God’s standards for purity are there to know why He forbids sex before marriage, but the little bit of knowledge we do have shows premarital sex can lead to disease, depression, anxiety, insecurity, shame, and heartache (just to name a few). If you are a believer, then the Holy Spirit dwells inside of you and you when you are entering dangerous territory because the Holy Spirit communicates it to you.

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If you are externally following “the rules,” but you are lusting after your girlfriend or boyfriend in your mind, your heart is not pure before God.

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