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Phone numbers women dating

The male callers, responding to online ads on, either asked for Erika, who described herself as petite and sweet and looking for fun, or Jessii, who said she was tall and thin and loved to party.Instead of getting lucky, the callers got one of three detectives with the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office running a unique prostitution sting called “Jamming for Johns.”Unlike the typical sex sting, this one operated as a public awareness campaign.Most hung up after hearing Webbe’s voice, but those too scared or shocked to drop the call got a lecture they won’t soon forget.“You do realize that prostitution or soliciting a prostitute is illegal, right,” he questioned. ”Webbe then told callers that they were contributing to the black market of sex trafficking and feeding someone’s possible addiction to heroin.One caller told Webbe his talk was a "wakeup call” and he’d never solicit again.“I hope so,” he said.

Not for their selfish reasons, but for the characteristics and qualities they possess.

Her advocacy group runs the Truth Home, a therapeutic home for sex trafficking survivors.

Checkeye provided the women with the phone number to the national sex trafficking hotline, 1-888-373-7888.

The detectives said this type of sting takes less resources than a traditional sting, which can lead to 10 to 18 arrests, and has the potential for a bigger reach.“I think we are absolutely going to make a difference with [Friday’s] operation,” Lippincott said.

“If we talk to 20 men and we deter 10 of them from hiring a prostitute, I think it’s a win for us."Detectives Kim Lippincott, left, Brian Webbe, center, and Mario Orlando, right, work during the "Jamming for Johns" sting Friday at the Monroe County District Attorney's detectives office in Stroudsburg.

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Whatever the case may be, we want to deter it as much as we can.”Lippincott, who posed as both Erika and Jessii for most of the operation, said the idea of “Jamming for Johns” was hatched after the rescue recently of a sex trafficking victim and the arrest of 11 people, two for sex trafficking and seven for solicitation.