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She walks over and immediately stuck her hand down into the garbage disposal and pulled the item out in perfect condition.

So I think it’s total bullshit of course, but later that day I was searching for a thin little booklet that I really, really needed for school. Finally out of frustration I almost sarcastically said, “I need your help universe.” I immediately walked over to this bookcase filled with books from my step dad.

It perfectly explains mysterious events that would otherwise require impossible coincidences or weird theories about hidden brain functions. If indeed 1/10,000 people is the sort of jerk who would make up a story like this just to troll people (or even 1/1,000 or 1/100 people), the chance that I’d run into them on my little BBS/comment section/Dunbar-number-group is pretty low, and I can safely ignore the possibility that five different crazy paranormal comments are all by pathological liars.Maybe your unconscious can remember where you put a booklet and then repress it from the conscious mind for some reason.But these kinds of claims are often themselves far-fetched.When I read stories like this, my first impulse is to try to think of reasonable explanations or ways they could be a coincidence.Maybe some kids have instinctive talent at that sort of cold-reading thing TV psychics do sometimes.

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If I told you in normal conversation, unrelated to compelling reincarnation theories, that kids have a natural talent at cold reaading, you’d scoff and demand proof. Let’s assume 10% of those see threads like the above – which were pretty popular and which I think both made it to the front page. Now let’s assume that even 1/10,000 people on the Internet are annoying trolls, which is maybe the easiest assumption we’re ever going to have to make.

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