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Posted by / 17-Jun-2017 17:21

Online dating skill

My friends always tell me to emphasize my Ph D when on dates. Instead, I probably need to develop new skills that are particularly targeted towards success in romantic relationships.

In this short, friendly course, we’ll cover every question you might have, walking you through online dating, from choosing the right site for your needs, to organising the perfect second date.

Seduction Stealth Attraction – by Richard La Ruina In this course Richard La Ruina reveals his under-the-radar seduction techniques that have helped him become the World’s greatest Pick Up Artist.

If you find it difficult to sexually escalate a conversation, struggle to kiss close, or fail to get girls coming back home with you, this course will provide you with the skills to make your seduction rejection-proof.

Dating is definitely a skill – one that I admittedly don’t have, which is why this podcast drew me in. But in all honesty, my experience with dating is that it’s no different than a job interview.

So I act with the reservation and caution such a situation calls for. In combination with my academic job and my Ph D, I know I can come off as aloof and intense, although I try really hard not to.

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It’s interesting what we think is successful, and how that transfers over into attracting a partner.