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Namie amuro dating

There was a transit at Phoenix, Arizona, and it was in this domestic flight where both were seated next to each other, with Namie resting her head on Atsushi's shoulder. ; Doppelganger: SS501 Member & Utt ; Who's having fun with her friends?

(Source: Sanspo) 32 year-old Namie Amuro is dating one-half of the comedic duo London Boots, Atsushi Tamura!

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J-pop queen Namie Amuro has been teasing her fans with the release of two mini teasers; now, the official teaser video for Namie Amuro's collaboration track with After School has finally been revealed!Tamura, who is one half of the popular duo London Boots 1go 2go (commonly known as just London Boots or Lonboo), has been romantically linked in the past to celebrities such as Nanako Fujisaki (32), Chinatsu Wakatsuki (25), and Noriko Nakagoshi (30).His most recent girlfriend was a non-celebrity, but he revealed last September that they had broken up, apparently around the time that he and Amuro had met.It also boasts the participation of other J-pop names AI, CHEMISTRY's Kanabe, Yamashita Tomohisa, and many more.But it's Namie Amuro's collaboration with After School that's been gaining much attention in Korea, since it'll be After School's first Japanese music effort.

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