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Lydia chatbot

You can create your own flow or install the shared Product Support flow.

To set up a new flow: Every flow starts with a trigger.

In this case, they maintain, that is a plus because it takes a degree of discomfort out of the interaction. “Spot will always keep things private, and will only share what you want it to.”Once the report is completed, Spot creates certified, private PDF reports from the interview.

Each entry is time-stamped and constitutes as evidence if it’s ever needed.

Part of what makes this technique effective is the way in which the questions are asked.

“All questions are open-ended rather than leading the person to a certain response.

Une remarque, besoin d’informations, une petite question, un projet de Chat Bot ?N’hésitez-pas à détailler au maximum votre demande afin que notre équipe puisse l’examiner en détail. Julia Shaw, a criminal psychologist and memory expert at the University College London, is hoping the newly launched Spot can do the job.Shaw explains that the cognitive interview first asks the person to freely describe what happened.This is followed by specific questions called “probes” that ask about the things they mentioned.

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Responding is a matter of trust between the employer and the staffers, despite the fact that she acknowledges that reports should never be treated as definitive proof that something has happened.