Local slags free to chat and sign up

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Local slags free to chat and sign up

When you do, you’ll spend less time trying to analyse the levels of their care and focus on nurturing yourself.

If you have instances of them showing they cared in the relationship, even though it may not have been enough, it shows that they cared.

People can also care about you and do things that are very destructive to a relationship because they have unhealthy love habits, low self-esteem and are doing things that are essentially counterproductive to the relationship because they either know no better or are sabotaging it in the pursuit of the self-fulfilling prophecy.

For your own sake, you don’t need someone like this showing you their ‘care’.

Validate your own perception of the relationship and accept that they cared, but that for whatever reason the relationship is over.

You cannot quantify how much someone cared for you and literally count it up like money, but you level but just not to the level that you needed or wanted. If you felt loved, cared, trusted, respected – why invalidate that memory because the relationship is over and they’re not running around like a blue-arsed fly after you? People can care about you but that doesn’t make them right for you or the relationship.

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When they move on or they don’t run around trying to demonstrate how much they care, we feel out of control.

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