Leather dating

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He was wearing white running shoes and "Swish-Swish pants" - the pants that are made of plastic and make noise when they rub together.

The Classical world appears to have been conversant with vegetable tanning from about the fourth century B. He was there with his friends from the Gay Ottawa Volleyball league. He waltzed in the event space and asked us if "this was a dating thing".One guessed that there were going to be nerds and bros. One said that I should put on a different accent for every guy that I met. Everyone got really into the preparation and this proved to be one of the best parts of the process. That this would be an experience that could lead to something bigger. As anyone would expect from me, a crucial part of doing anything outside the house is wearing the right outfit. Note to self: A good parallel parking job is not an omen to a good night. We got there and wandered around the bar looking for our designated area and the hot, smart, ambitious men that we hoped would be at this event. We were handed a piece of paper identified with our name and email address.

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As we walked back to my car, my sister, my friend and I kept talking and laughing about the night. Once at my car - in its perfectly parallel-parked position - I noticed that something was placed on my windshield.