Kumoricon dating game

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Kumoricon dating game

I made one last pass through the dealer’s room, saw a few friends, and was even interviewed by a Warhammer 40k fan regarding my cosplay.All too soon, I made my way back home, and so ended yet another Kumoricon.

The interesting thing about its location was that it was situated next to card- and tabletop-gaming, so anybody who wanted to could check out art, buy some prints, and then play a game of Magic: The Gathering or Flux.Later on, it was time to head back, so I went to my room and watched some Makoto Shinkai shorts before I rested up for the third and final day.Day 3: While Day 3 is usually a slow and somewhat somber event, I still managed to have a good time.Whatever they are, Filk is a lot of fun to see and think about, and it even got the gears turning in my head.Once again in the evening, it was time to go to the Anime Dating Game.

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Kumoricon pulled out all the stops in this department, as there was a dance both the first night and the second, as opposed to the usual schedule of a masquerade one night, followed by a dance the next. The last event of the night I went to was my personal favorite of the 18 events, “Where Fanfiction Goes to Die”.

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