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Two years ago, film critic Sara Stewart sat down to rewatch "Sixteen Candles," one of her favorite 1980s John Hughes comedies. One scene, played for laughs -- the ostensible hero gifting his drunk girlfriend to another boy -- seemed like a manual for rape.

He has.""If he was giving you every opportunity," her dubious friend replies, "you would have grown out of this job three years ago."Has Josh harassed Donna? But has Josh's possessive sexual interest in his underling held back her career? And the answer to that is, he basically stalked her."Played by Paul Reiser, the male lead woos his future wife by wheedling her address from the dry cleaners, stealing her clothes and going to every floor of her building until he finds her and cajoles her into dating him. In 2018, this is a man ignoring boundaries and not realizing that a stranger appearing at your office with your laundry is more scary than adorable.These days, almost everything made before 2018 feels like it needs some kind of disclaimer.Granted, as far as messed-up gender interactions go, Donna and Josh are fairly tame.“The first day when we shot, I just went around behind the monitor and I said, ‘Oh my god, I love her,'” Whitford, now 56, says about Moloney.“I felt immediately that this would be a great thing.” Moloney, now 46, was also pleasantly surprised about the easy rapport the two actors had.

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Once you have new glasses on, you see the problems everywhere.

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