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During the 3rd century AD, records of the games are so scanty that historians are not certain whether after 261 they were still held every four years.

During the early years of the Olympiad, any physical benefit deriving from a sport was banned.

A Cultural Olympiad is a concept protected by the International Olympic Committee and may be used only within the limits defined by an Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games.

From one Games to the next, the scale of the Cultural Olympiad varies considerably, sometimes involving activity over the entire Olympiad and other times emphasizing specific periods within it.

In 776 BC this occurred on either July 23 or August 21.

This analogy is sometimes extended further by media references to "Summer Olympiads". Olympic Committee often uses the term quadrennium, which it claims refers to the same four-year period.

The first poster to announce the games using this term was the one for the 1932 Summer Olympics, in Los Angeles, using the phrase: Call to the games of the Xth Olympiad Note, however, that the official numbering of the Winter Olympics does not count Olympiads—- it counts only the Games themselves.

For example: Some media people have from time to time referred to a particular (e.g., the nth) Winter Olympics as "the Games of the nth Winter Olympiad", perhaps believing it to be the correct formal name for the Winter Games by analogy with that of the Summer Games.

, Olympiás) is a period of four years associated with the Olympic Games of the Ancient Greeks.

During the Hellenistic period, beginning with Ephorus, it was used as a calendar epoch.

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Christian chroniclers continued to use this Greek system of dating as a way of synchronising biblical events with Greek and Roman history.

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