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Friendship into dating

A travel trailer is much more comfortable than a tent and it gives travellers the opportunity G. To be sure, the hall was so narrow, it was fortunate that they had no piano, for one never could have been got in whole; the dining-room was so small that six people were a tight fit; and the kitchen stairs seemed built for the express purpose of precipitating both servants and china pell-mell into the coal-bin.

No matter what type of house a person has, he should feel comfortable there. That was the name of the little brown house which Mr Brooke had prepared for Meg's first home.Such sayings exist in any language and in any culture.Houses differ from one culture to another, depending on the world outlook of a certain community, which has its roots in the religion of a nation, its traditions and historic heritage.It is much more comfortable than a tent and it gives travellers the opportunity not to spend their money on a motel or hotel. 3) Why do houses differ from one culture to another? James Dillingham Young ...' (From 'The Gift of the Magi' by O'Henry) 'Like the enlightened thousands of his class and generation in this great city of London, who no longer believe in red velvet chairs, and know that groups of modern Italian marble are vieux jeu, Soames Forsyte inhabited a house which did what it could.There are travel trailers and caravans of various types. It owned a copper door knocker of individual design, windows which had been altered to open outwards, hanging flower-boxes filled with fuchsias, and at the back (a great feature) a little court tiled with jade-green tiles, and surrounded by pink hydrangeas in peacock-blue tubs.

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