Enjoy sex date co za

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Enjoy sex date co za

While on assignment in Cape Town this month, Canadian-based supermodel Charmaine San Pedro stumbled upon our Lifematrix Vegan Super Smoothie Essentials – and was smitten.

A committed vegan, Charmaine is brimming with ideas on preparing wholesome and exciting meals, and in no time had conjured up a fabulous recipe using “Essentials” to make these healthy protein fudge breakfast bars. MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides, which comprise primarily caprylic and capric fatty acids. MCT oil occurs naturally in coconut and palm kernel oils.

The teas are a perfectcomplement to Holle organic formulas and porridges (also from Switzerland) which we have been distributing in SA for close to a decade.

Sidroga organic teas have true medicinal properties, helping babies (and their parents!

Click here for more info on the drink that’s catching on like wildfire amongst performers, athletes and business execs.

Absolute Organix is proud to extend our links to Swiss organic excellence with the launch of Sidroga Mother and Child herbal teas in SA.

Both these products utilise the same super-saturated magnesium chloride solution (and Kalahari crystal salt) that goes into the original Lifematrix Magnesium Oil transdermal spray pictured on the right. The vegan lifestyle is fast gaining critical mass, and Absolute Organix/Lifematrix has been supporting vegans for several years with superior quality nutritional products like our plant protein concentrates (Raw Vegan Protein, Yellow Pea, Pea & Hemp etc) and essential fatty acids (Omega Pure DHA, Omega 369 Organic etc).

Now we’re raising the vegan nutrition bar even higher with Lifematrix Vegan Super Smoothie Essentials.

Introducing Absolute Organix’s new Organic Fruit & Veg Spray, a powerful, all-natural way to safely eliminate pesticide residues and harmful microbes from fresh produce. Coconut oil has undergone a dramatic image makeover.

Not long ago it was pilloried as a heart-clogging, tropical grease.

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NEWSFLASH from the BBC: Turmeric repairs brain cells About 500 years ago Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama rounded the Cape of Good Hope and tacked for Calicut on the Indian coast.

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