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Dating tidbits com

Sutton Hoo is the name of an area spread along the bank of the River Deben opposite the harbour of the small Suffolk town of Woodbridge, about 7 miles (11 km) from the North Sea, overlooking the tidal estuary a little below the lowest convenient fording place.The territory between the Orwell and the watersheds of the Alde and Deben rivers may have been an early centre of royal power, originally centred upon Rendlesham or Sutton Hoo, and a primary component in the formation of the East Anglian kingdom: 3000 BCE, when woodland in the area was cleared by agriculturalists.

The best surviving example contained a ring of upright posts, up to 30 millimetres (1.2 in) in diameter, with one pair suggesting an entrance to the south-east.The other, called here the "new" burial ground, is situated on a second hill-spur close to the present Exhibition Hall, about 500 m upstream of the first.It was discovered and partially explored in 2000 during preliminary work for the construction of the hall.He probably has, but it does not seem like Czuchry has dated anyone famous — or he is just really good at keeping things secret.To me, it sounds like he just values his privacy and old friendships.

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Subsequent archaeological campaigns, particularly in the late 1960s and late 1980s, have explored the wider site and many other individual burials.

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