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Dating magic bullet

The gadget, which pulverises fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds, is known as an 'extractor' rather than a juicer or blender, due to its unique high-powered blade action.

It's this, manufacturers say, which is the key to retaining the nutritional content in your smoothie.

But at around £80, not everyone can afford their health fix.

Catching onto the demand for clean living at a healthier price point, budget store Lidl has unveiled its own version of the Nutri Bullet called The Nutrition Mixer.

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Kennedy in Dallas, Texas was indeed a national tragedy.I do, however, find it isn't quite up to scratch when it comes to making date bars and grinding nuts.'I often find it overheats and takes forever to create the consistency I want so I often resort to using my food processor.Under the lone gunman premise, the shooter, a man named Lee Harvey Oswald, fired all three of those shots from the sixth floor of a book depository building.It is believed that the first shot missed the president's car entirely, striking the pavement instead.

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There were a few whole nuts left, which the machine struggled to break down.

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