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Dating greenfield tap and die sets

These tools are easy to distinguish as they either have a BE or an H in a circle stamped into the tools.

The New Britain Machine line was also created at this time as a higher priced alloy steel alternative.

This contract survived until 1947 when the socket was gradually phased out and replaced by the "V" series sockets. The Des Moines Register reports on 11/18/1941 a military contract awarded to NBM Co. I am not aware of a similar designation for the Husky / Sparta / Penncraft line or if anything was done for the sockets but the alloy change was across the board.

At this time, New Britain Machine was also supplying tools for Sears in their Craftsman line of tools.

Sigmund Mandl went on to Blackhawk Manufacturing Company in 1931 after the Husky Wrench Company was bought by Olsen Manufacturing. Please see our ongoing research on the Milwaukee Tool Industry for research notes. would award a plaque inscribed with swastikas monthly to the division with the highest absentee rate. In the picture below the upper Blackhawk OE wrench has grooves in the shank either side of the stamping. The lower wrench without the grooves is newer 1137 wrench.

During this time, New Britain Machine had a contract with Sears to supply sockets and drive tools for their Craftsman tool line. The 1/17/1941 edition of The Daily Times (Philadelphia, PA) reports the award of a military contract for "engine parts" for airplanes in the amount of 9,000. This designation worked for the New Britain / Blackhawk line.

I think with 1 exception (can't recall now what that is), they generally follow 32nds steps.

What was the use of this thread series, and what is it called? Beyond that I have no data committed to memory...easiest test is to mic/caliper the major diameter of your existing numbered series screws...

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New Britain Machine Company, from Wikipedia: According to one source, New Britain Machine was founded in New Britain, Connecticut in 1887.

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