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Man oh man do I love this Christmas tree fragrance in a bottle. YW Something really bugs me every time I see reviews of Burberry London.Literally evokes the smell of the holidays in my honest opinion. It's repeated so many times it almost feels like common wisdom.Top notes are lavender, bergamot and cinnamon; middle notes are mimosa and leather; base notes are opoponax, tobacco leaf, guaiac wood and oakmoss. I recognized the smell, but there was this overwhelming sour "aftertaste".I am not sure how else to describe this turn the fragrance took, but it surely ruined it for me.London can be worn any occasion as long as the weather is cold. A wonderful scent - opens up with a blast of cut grass and pine, then very quickly settles into something sweet and cozy on the skin.Great for Christmas and Thanksgiving get togethers due to the soft cozy quality to the fragrance. Imagine going to pick out your Christmas tree while sipping on a sweet chai tea. It's one of those fragrances that I'll overdo on the wrists just so I can smell it over and over again.And also there's a dash of port wine in the mix as well, which is also typically served with the dessert. Performance is average but silage is great for the first few hours.Projection and longevity are unfortunately less than average, but just give it another spray and you'll be fine for the next couple of hours. Exotic smelling when compared to mainstream designers. It leaves a wonderful trail behind you as you walk or if you move around.

(1) Batch Code: AJ7EM7AL = 2017 To me this is a special scent that is for a specific occasion, the holidays.

It doesn't smell like a Christmas TREE, but that it reminds us of the Christmas SEASON.

It's warm, cuddly, spicy, cuddly, tobacco-y, cuddly goodness. Harsh alcohol opening, dry down is nice, but lasts far too shortly, and quickly fades to a memory.

This fragrance seems more mature, than younger , maybe 25 to 40 would be best.

This is a perfect gift for dad in my opinion, and will suit those who love terre de hermes, and Rocobar, Eau Sauvage.

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This scent has "some" similarities to "La Nuit de l`Homme" and "La Nuit de L`Homme Le Parfum".