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Croatian dating service

It is a city known for its diverse economy, high quality of living, museums, sporting and entertainment events.Its main branches of economy are high-tech industries and the service sector.Zagreb has a special status in the Republic of Croatia's administrative division and is a consolidated city-county (but separated from Zagreb County), and is administratively subdivided into 17 city districts, most of them being at low elevation along the River Sava valley, whereas northern and northeastern city districts, such as Podsljeme and Sesvete districts are situated in the foothills of the Sljeme mountain, making the city's geographical image rather diverse.The city extends over 30 kilometres east-west and around 20 kilometres north-south.The parents of the 13-year-old from the southern town of Knin said their daughter had only just started studying German at school and had been trying to read German books and watch German television - but had never been that good in German.But since waking up the teenager has been unable to speak Croatian and even refused it, but communicates only in perfect German far superior to her mastery of the language she had when she was taken ill.The transport connections, concentration of industry, scientific and research institutions and industrial tradition underlie its leading economic position in Croatia.

It is the only metropolitan area in Croatia with a population of over one million.In 1991, tensions within the Yugoslav federation erupted into war.Croatia and Slovenia's demands for freedom led to the Balkan civil war, in which the Yugoslav army was pitted against the breakaway republics.Split's KB Hospital director Dujomir Marasovic said they were still trying to find out what caused the mysterious coma and why the girl has apparently forgotten how to speak Croatian.Marasovic added: 'You never know when recovering from such a trauma how the brain will react.

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