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Chat with sexy girls with out ragistar

His nomination has been seen as an attempt by the Communists to broaden the party's appeal beyond aging voters nostalgic for the Soviet Union.VLADIMIR ZHIRINOVSKY The 71-year-old leader of the ultranationalist Liberal Democratic Party has won notoriety for his xenophobic statements.Sobchak has denied being in collusion with the Kremlin.PAVEL GRUDININ The 57-year-old millionaire strawberry farm director has been nominated by the Communist Party, but he's openly proud of his wealth and rejects basic Communist dogmas.

Here is a quick look at the Russian presidential candidates.

He won 6 per cent of the presidential vote in 2012.

GRIGORY YAVLINSKY The 65-year-old liberal economic expert ran against Putin in the 2000 election, garnering about 6 per cent of the vote.' Yavlinsky has denounced the Kremlin's policies and frequently criticized Putin, calling for more political freedoms and a more liberal economic course.

The legal limit of two consecutive presidential terms means that Putin won't be able to run again in 2024, but many observers expect him to continue playing the top role in Russian politics even after that.

KSENIA SOBCHAK The 36-year-old star TV host casts herself as a choice for those who have grown tired of Putin and his familiar challengers and want liberal changes.

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