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Hey Mick, Great post, and I came here from the WP forums.I have been reading all of the threads associated with this category issue, but wanted to find the “core” problem before trying any of the work-arounds.So, after seeing this, I moved those directories to a place that actually existed, and voila! [...] After searching for a problem like that related to wordpress and mysql on the web I found this link and concluded that even thought this a much older version the problem might still be the same.And [...] “Turns out, my problem was somewhat related (and this page pointed me in the correct direction).This bug might well be fixed in later versions (I have 4.1.22, and they are up to 4.1.23/24 now).

I originally thought it was a problem with upgrading to 2.3.2, but eventually tracked it down to what seems like a problem with My SQL (I’m using 4.1.22). replies=95 I think my problem was something to do with character sets, given that I have a few blogs (some I just host for other people), and the blogs that worked were in utf8 and the blogs that did not were in latin1, so another solution might be to convert your blog to utf8.I recently received a great question about blog rolls.The question was whether or not you should contact the people you put on your blog roll to let them know that you’re linking to them.Please forgive my ignorance, but can you clue me in as to what may be going on here? This is a My SQL error, and not directly related to wordpress. Is suspect the root cause is a combination of whatever left the temporary file there, and the code the is unable to deal with it being left there.My SQL is trying to write a temporary file (#sql_126c_0. However, for some reason the file already exists, and so it cannot write it. Now I see in your case there is no mention of the /tmp/ directory, so I’m not sure where the file would be. I suspect the former is due to something crashing without deleting the file, and the latter is really a bug in My SQL.

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These sites do not show up properly on my current blogroll, where new blog post updates are concerned.

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