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Blade runner dating model

"I don't think people are tuning in just for the value to see — I don't wanna say the word 'freakshow' because that's wrong, but I think they're tuning in because they're seeing an athlete who — good on him — is running fast enough to compete." Having had both his legs amputated below the knee before his first birthday because of a congenital condition, he campaigned for years to be allowed to compete against able-bodied athletes.

Having initially been banned because of his carbon fiber blades — which critics said gave him an unfair advantage — he was cleared by sport's highest court in 2008 and allowed to run at the top events.

After undergoing police questioning, Pistorius left a police station hours after the shooting accompanied by officers.

He looked down as photographers snapped pictures, the hood on his gray workout jacket pulled up, covering most of his face.

Capacity Relations, a talent management firm, earlier named Steenkamp as the victim of the shooting. Pistorius enjoyed target shooting with his pistol and an online advertisement featuring him for Nike read: "I am a bullet in the chamber." An article in January 2012 in The New York Times Magazine described him talking about how he pulled a pistol to search his home when his alarm went off the night before an interview.

At Pistorius' suggestion, he and the journalist went to a nearby target range where they fired at targets with a 9 mm pistol.

CBS News correspondent Mark Phillips reports Pistorius and Steenkamp had been an A-list celebrity couple in South Africa since late 2012.

I never saw him violent." Yet Pistorius had troubles in his personal life.

She and Pistorius were first seen publicly together in November at an awards ceremony in Johannesburg.

Later, she began mentioning the athlete in public messages on Twitter.

Paralympic superstar Oscar Pistorius was charged Thursday with the murder of his girlfriend who was shot inside his home in South Africa, a stunning development in the life of a national hero known as the Blade Runner for his high-tech artificial legs.

Reeva Steenkamp, a model who spoke out on Twitter against rape and abuse of women, was shot four times in the predawn hours in the house, in a gated community in the capital, Pretoria, police said.

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Police said that earlier reports that Steenkamp may have been mistaken for a burglar by Pistorius did not come from the police.

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