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For example if you were say on level 2 of a field upgrade score chain, and about to hit 3, but your squad is wiped out, it will put you back to the start of level 2. There is a bug however with the system, as the score will carry over to the next match when the round ends, but you will not receive your field upgrades.

I'm not sure if this is due to the GUI not updating, or a genuine fault, as sometimes you are even unable to regain the field upgrades, and sometimes it will just update and give you them all again.

You do a head to head comparison with another player. Multi-Platform Elite Race: PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4I DO NOT ANSWER PMs.I’ve been hunting and pecking for nuggets of info for Battlefield 2 and haven’t found a single source that has everything.If your squad gets wiped you get that message, which means you are starting over at level 1. And so is the stupid move to remove the tags for all players and removing the indication of a tk.How the hell are you suppose to apologizes for you tk when you dont know you was guilty of as a result of that you cant see the enemy, Dice you are fucking stupid sometimes! When we all died at the same time it reports "FIELD SCORE LOST" as it should.

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Below is a screenshot and it also says in smaller text exactly what MTC explained. Over the weekend alone we had a min of 2 max of 8 player going over 48h all running the tags aswell as SET TO ACTIVEThere is no report anywhere of us playing as a platoon, the reason there are no battle reports is beacuse its not saving at all thus not boosting our score / kd / skill As a re-branded competitive bf4 platoon this is killing us @IINO_REGRETSII @travisleelee This is something that has been passed on to the battlelog team as of yesterday from the battlelog forums.

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