Adult dating in lake lillian minnesota

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Adult dating in lake lillian minnesota

W.'s parenting skills and has no reason to believe that a child would be unsafe in J. Four persons who are foster parents or adoptive parents of J. to have supervised visitation with his or her child. Each of the parents testified to having no concerns over J.

One of the teachers testified that she has no concerns regarding J. and her children demonstrate mutual love for each other.

Two days later, Kandiyohi County petitioned to terminate J.

The county began by presenting two witnesses, both of whom are social workers with the Kandiyohi County Family Services department.

W.'s parenting skills, the grandmother replied, “Absolutely none.” J. W., testified that he had participated in parenting classes with J.

W., stating that “she's a totally different person.” The sister explained that she and her mother now can provide J. with much better family support than was possible during the period of the prior TPR proceedings. W.'s grandmother also testified against her in the 2007 trial, but when asked in 2011 if she had any concerns about J.

On January 3, 2011, the district court appointed a guardian ad litem to represent K. The district court held a four-day trial in March 2011. had not made substantial changes in her life since the earlier termination-of-parental-rights (TPR) cases.

W.'s care that same day by issuing an emergency protective-care order. has acted angrily while interacting with Family Services staff and other social service providers.

In April 2011, the district court issued a 14–page order and memorandum.

Sarah Lynn Klaassen, Willmar, MN, for respondent G. Kim Junkermeier, Lake Lillian, MN, guardian ad litem.

Fischer, Kandiyohi County Attorney, Amy Isenor, Assistant County Attorney, Willmar, MN, for respondent Kandiyohi County Family Services. On that basis, the district court granted the county's petition and terminated J. Therefore, we reverse and remand for further proceedings.

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Considered and decided by JOHNSON, Chief Judge; BJORKMAN, Judge; and COLLINS, Judge.*John E.

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Dialectical behavioral therapy was ordered by the Swift County District Court in March 2006, prior to the first TPR order.