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Washington was a qualified employee with experience as a cook.He disclosed on his application that he was deaf and he was granted an interview, however once he asked Mc Donald's to provide an interpreter for the interview, it was cancelled and never rescheduled.As per the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's Enforcement Guidelines on Reasonable Accommodation and Undue Hardship: An employer must provide a reasonable accommodation to a qualified applicant with a disability that will enable the individual to have an equal opportunity to participate in the application process and to be considered for a job.Thus, individuals with disabilities who meet initial requirements to be considered for a job should not be excluded from the application process because the employer speculates, based on a request for reasonable accommodation for the application process, that it will be unable to provide the individual with reasonable accommodation to perform the job.If the interviewer does not face the interviewee and speak clearly for the duration of the interview, the deaf/Ho H person may struggle with understanding exactly what is being said.

They must educate themselves about deaf people, Deaf culture, as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act, section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act, and other legislations that can advise them of proper procedures and regulations." Management sets the tone for how deaf employees will be treated in the workplace.They might not notice that their employees are not culturally competent.They might not fully understand what steps need to be taken to ensure a productive work environment for a diverse team.In many instances, employers will be unable to determine whether an individual needs reasonable accommodation to perform a job based solely on a request for accommodation during the application process.Although those who use auditory communication (ie: cochlear implants, hearing aids, lip reading) may not utilize an interpreter for job interviews, they face a similar set of difficulties during the hiring process.

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Often, discrimination against deaf individuals begins right in the interview stage.